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2207 67th Street
Galveston, TX 77551
2207 67th Street
Galveston, TX 77551
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  • 随着Galveston岛上的华人增加,为了向他们传福音,从70年代起至90年代初,若干基督徒华人查经班陆续成立。
  • 1991年,作为University Baptist Church (Galveston, Texas) 的mission church, 这些华人查经班自愿联合,成立了华人教会。
  • 1993年正式以海湾华人教会(Galveston Chinese Church)的名称,向州政府登记,教会仍UBC的mission church,并假UBC的场地开展崇拜、主日学、团契活动,并于1993年聘请倪仲永为教会牧师。
  • 1998年8月,海湾华人教会从Heritage Christian Church购置会堂(附Parsonage一座,改为教育楼),地址为2207 67th St. Galveston, TX77551。
  • 教会仍为BGCT和GBA 的会员。
By admin on 2009/8/29 19:56

Chris demolished the old playground equipment by cutting the north sections into pieces that we can haul away in the morning. He also cut down the 4 dead trees and uprooted 4 dead crape myrtles. He then helped us to lay the floor of the shack with the pallet that I saved. After lunch, he stayed for a couple of hours to prepare materials for Sunday’s work.


By admin on 2009/8/28 22:17

Chris, Jacob and Kenny worked on staking the deck area and pouring concrete on the 4 x 4 supporting poles. Trey and Troy worked on painting the shelves and other carpenter work in EB.


By admin on 2009/8/27 22:13
Chris and Jacob worked on the porch: Installed gutter and down spouts; installed hardiprank siding; caulking. Trey and Kenny built storage shelves in the storage room behind the youth room. They also installed door knobs in EB and SB.
By admin on 2009/8/26 21:49

They installed 2 sets of 2 wall-cabinet units in 2 rooms in EB. They finished the framing of the porch. As photos indicated this porch used a lot of lumbers. Roofer finished the roofing of the porch.

By admin on 2009/8/25 20:12
Trey and Kenny continued to work in EB. They stained and coated cabinets and other wood works. They grouted the tiles too. Chris, Jacob, and Troy worked on framing the porch. Early this afternoon it rained in my place, 7304 Offats Pointe, for a while, but only sprinkled at church. Chris told me he didn’t have a good sleep last night. Now that they have boarded the ¾” plywood and felt on the south slope of the porch he can have a good sleep tonight.
By admin on 2009/8/25 20:07

No work today

By admin on 2009/8/24 20:08
Trey and Kenny worked in EB. They stained and coated cabinets, doors, drawers, and other wood works. They spray-painted the AC air outlet covers too. Chris, Jacob, and the 2 new workers worked on framing the porch.
By admin on 2009/8/22 20:06

No work today

By admin on 2009/8/22 9:26

Paul did the sanding and painting of the wood work in SB. Trey built shelves in closet/storage rooms in EB. Chris installed basal cabinets and a 10’ countertop in the youth room in EB. Chris installed the door handles and push plates in the double-swing doors to the sanctuary in SB.

By admin on 2009/8/20 20:53

Paul did the painting such as door frame. Trey installed vanity and commode in EB. They installed the door to the hallway in EB. This is the one originally designed with the frame only. Since there is an extra door I asked Chris to hinge the door to give more privacy to the rest room. We may remove the door if we feel it is too cumbersome to operate it. Chris worked on sealing and painting the 5 rooftop ventilations in both SB and EB. He climbed to the attic and then to the rooftop amid the late afternoon heat.

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