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2207 67th Street
Galveston, TX 77551
2207 67th Street
Galveston, TX 77551
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  • 随着Galveston岛上的华人增加,为了向他们传福音,从70年代起至90年代初,若干基督徒华人查经班陆续成立。
  • 1991年,作为University Baptist Church (Galveston, Texas) 的mission church, 这些华人查经班自愿联合,成立了华人教会。
  • 1993年正式以海湾华人教会(Galveston Chinese Church)的名称,向州政府登记,教会仍UBC的mission church,并假UBC的场地开展崇拜、主日学、团契活动,并于1993年聘请倪仲永为教会牧师。
  • 1998年8月,海湾华人教会从Heritage Christian Church购置会堂(附Parsonage一座,改为教育楼),地址为2207 67th St. Galveston, TX77551。
  • 教会仍为BGCT和GBA 的会员。
By admin on 2009/5/29 21:19

Meilan sent the following 3 pictures...

By admin on 2009/5/28 19:36

Received Meilan’s e-mail: about including the following items into the time capsule...

By admin on 2009/5/27 21:06
By admin on 2009/5/26 21:02

Donuts for workers.  Found only 2 workers working in the morning...

By admin on 2009/5/25 21:04

Worked with Brother Song on location of flag poles...

By admin on 2009/5/24 19:35
By admin on 2009/5/23 19:33

summarizing the color schemes selected at Thursday’s consultation meeting with G. Bennet, interior decorator...

By admin on 2009/5/22 19:32

Sneaked out this afternoon to the church to see what has been done since my last visit on May 16th ...

By admin on 2009/5/21 20:07

Jake called: saying...


By admin on 2009/5/20 20:02

We got BCLC Loan Money !

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